I got my own Boppy pillow for my birthday!

Boppy specializes in products for infants, and this one is meant to support them while they are nursing, so you may be wondering what the heck I’m going to DO with my Boppy pillow.

Seated on the pillowI am going to SIT on Boppy. I fell down the stairs at work a few years ago and my tailbone hurts when I sit too long. The shape of the Boppy pillow is absolutely perfect to help me protect my tailbone from the pressure of sitting. I’ve tried other types of pillows, but nothing has ever fit my purpose as well as the Boppy.

My brother and his family use the pillow for the intended purpose — caring for their 3-month-old daughter — and they showed me how to let Boppy help me care for the baby too. That’s how I figured out that Boppy could work for me too.

We make things for one purpose, but they are often good for many things. Recognizing a creative use of a tool for an unintended purpose can make life more pleasant.

What are some creative uses you make of tools or products intended for another purpose? Post a creative repurposing in the comments by next Wednesday (January 31) and get a little surprise!