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Start-ups and Start-overs

My week has been primarily devoted to the beginning of the academic year and to work with an enterprising group of students who are working with me to start a communications agency to serve our campus departments and organizations. We have a lot of enthusiasm and are feeling our way into how all of this […]

Freezer Behavior

I found my freezer door standing open when I went out to the garage to get a frozen dish to go with corn on the cob one day last week. First, I noticed the water in the tray in the bottom, then I touched the warm box of veggie samosas. I understood that I wasn’t […]

0 Birthdays

This year I had one of those “0” birthdays that really make you think. Mine got me thinking about the state of my finances. I have always assumed that I didn’t make enough money to ever even think about retiring because I spent my twenties gathering degrees rather than dollar bills. Now, some of my […]


[T]o lead useful, pleasant lives, with as little care and sorrow…” –Mrs. March Like a lot of women, I’m afraid that I haven’t made the best choices about money and other resources, or anything else for that matter. If I look at the images popular culture gives me of what success looks like — mansion, […]