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Tears of Truth

Lawrence Anthony passed away last week. If you know his name, it is probably as the man who was responsible for rescuing animals from the Baghdad Zoo when it was abandoned and looted during the U.S. invasion of the city in 2003. Babylon’s Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo begins with the […]

Helping friends we didn’t know

Every now and then a member of my online community has a problem. That’s not unusual. People experience hardships. The response of the community to the hardships is the unusual part. I used to be surprised at the generosity and care exhibited by this group of people who are united by their love of companion […]

Carving Compassion in Wood

This is my first sculpture. I started studying carving with wood in December under the guidance of Marika Bordes, who, by happy coincidence, also lives in this little city on the plains of South Central Texas. I’m amazed that I’ve already finished a piece. The piece you see here is about two feet tall and […]