Yoga for a Saturday morning blogger who has been on her feet forEVER, it seems. Oh, and Mystery picked some of the asanas, just because he likes them.

This practice begins in dandasana, or staff pose. Feet are normally flexed with heels on the floor in this pose (unlike mine here!)









Massage your feet gently, making sure to pay attention to all of the toes as well as the entire sole of the foot.














Interlace your fingers and toes. Breathe deeply and allow the toes to relax.












Massage the top of the feet, ankles and calves moving in an upward direction.














In cobbler pose, badha konasana, bring your heels in close to the groin, but not so close that your knees can't open.


Come into tabletop position. Spine is in a neutral position, hands beneath shoulders, knees beneath hips.













This is the "cat" of cat-cow stretch.














Here is the cow. Alternate between the two, with a linked breathing pattern, usually breathing in when the body opens and out when it closes.















Tuck your toes under as you sit lightly on your heels.












In the fully realized yoga squat, the heels will be firmly rooted in the mat.












Take a neutral standing posture.












Stand on the noodle as you stand in high heels!

Now, let the noodle help you reverse that feeling.

Golf balls make great aids for foot massage. (Make sure to keep track of the ball, so your dog or cat doesn't get it.)














Shift your weight to one side. Lift the other leg and touch that toe to the top of your standing foot.


If you feel like moving deeper into the posture, open your leg to the side and place the foot against your calf. Repeat on the other side. Notice differences in balance from side to side.





Hug your knee to your chest. Find your balance. After the thigh stretch, repeat on the other side.











Extend your opposite arm for balance, take hold of the ankle and move into a gentle stretch.









Keeping the spine neutral, raise the arms and bend the knees.












Find the hip crease with your hands. Maintain the natural curves of the spine as you fold forward to horizontal back. Support yourself by placing your hands anywhere on your thigh or shin (avoid the knee).

From pyramid pose, add a twist in the middle of the spine for triangle. Come back through pyramid to come out of the posture.













Tip toes, arms up, star pose is energizing!












From star pose, drop your heels, bend your knees, and bend your elbows. This is sometimes called horse dancer pose and sometimes pose of the goddess.














Fold forward from the hips keeping the natural curves in the spine. You may put your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders.













Before relaxation, roll on the noodle for a bit of back massage. You can also relax into a gentle backbend while supported by the noodle.










The end of practice.