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I decided on some new commitments and directions for my work and personal life a few months ago. Now, I am allowing the new commitments to reorder my behaviors and actions to support them. I thought that once I made the decisions, everything would fall easily into place, but it turns out that I have […]

Crane Emerging

I thought I would spend this spring break working in the only room in my house that still has wallpaper the former owners selected. Instead, I can see a bird emerging from my branch of unknown wood. I learned three big lessons this week: A big change of plans isn’t that hard to accomplish, even […]

Learning From “Wild” Animals

A friend introduced me to the work of life coach Martha Beck recently, and after reading about her visits to South Africa to encounter amazing animals in their home territory on the “look-inside-this-book” pages of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Reclaiming Your True Nature on Amazon, I decided to find out more […]

Carving Compassion in Wood

This is my first sculpture. I started studying carving with wood in December under the guidance of Marika Bordes, who, by happy coincidence, also lives in this little city on the plains of South Central Texas. I’m amazed that I’ve already finished a piece. The piece you see here is about two feet tall and […]

Life Purpose

While browsing blogs last weekend, I came across a post from Steve Pavlina about finding your life’s purpose…. in 20 minutes. I have lived my life in a purposeful manner, conscious of my personal development, and thought it would be a snap to come out of this exercise with a concise, clear statement of the […]