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I decided on some new commitments and directions for my work and personal life a few months ago. Now, I am allowing the new commitments to reorder my behaviors and actions to support them. I thought that once I made the decisions, everything would fall easily into place, but it turns out that I have […]

Happiness Is

A day that includes having the best vegetarian crepe for miles around                   Followed by a most wonderful dessert crepe filled with vanilla cream cheese and topped with guava                     Then finding the BEST Starbucks coffee that should […]

Crane Emerging

I thought I would spend this spring break working in the only room in my house that still has wallpaper the former owners selected. Instead, I can see a bird emerging from my branch of unknown wood. I learned three big lessons this week: A big change of plans isn’t that hard to accomplish, even […]

Tears of Truth

Lawrence Anthony passed away last week. If you know his name, it is probably as the man who was responsible for rescuing animals from the Baghdad Zoo when it was abandoned and looted during the U.S. invasion of the city in 2003. Babylon’s Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo begins with the […]

Learning From “Wild” Animals

A friend introduced me to the work of life coach Martha Beck recently, and after reading about her visits to South Africa to encounter amazing animals in their home territory on the “look-inside-this-book” pages of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Reclaiming Your True Nature on Amazon, I decided to find out more […]

Helping friends we didn’t know

Every now and then a member of my online community has a problem. That’s not unusual. People experience hardships. The response of the community to the hardships is the unusual part. I used to be surprised at the generosity and care exhibited by this group of people who are united by their love of companion […]

Plug Into the Energy Source

Leading a useful, pleasant life requires energy. Although those wiggling ads on the Web promise me infinite energy if I buy a book, an apparatus or some seemingly magical supplement, I can recharge my battery without paying the hard-sell pros any of my hard-earned cash. I’ll share some of  my energy secrets with you and […]