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Surprise Uses

I got my own Boppy pillow for my birthday! Boppy specializes in products for infants, and this one is meant to support them while they are nursing, so you may be wondering what the heck I’m going to DO with my Boppy pillow. I am going to SIT on Boppy. I fell down the stairs […]

Happiness is…

Sharing a little love with the Whooping Cranes in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. They come down from Alberta to spend the winter. The refuge is the most significant breeding area for the rare crane and depends on fresh water from the Guadalupe River (which runs through the town I live in) to feed the […]

Happiness is…

Unexpected narcissus in the middle of winter.

Recent Thinking About Retirement

While I was taking “Introduction to Financial Planning” last year, I used the formula in my textbook to figure out how much money we’re going to need in retirement income.  This is the formula your planner, if you have one, would also have been taught to use. First, planners take 80 percent of your salary, […]

Happiness is a bin of matched socks

My life got a bit too “useful” to leave time for writing about it.  I am bursting with thoughts and hopeful that I’ll be posting regularly again, maybe even more than once a week. We’ll see. I finished my Christmas novel, The Language of the Sea, before the end of my New Year visit to […]